Closet Monster


UK DVD Release: October 17th 2016
Country of Origin: Canada
Running Time: 95 mins approx
Director: Stephen Dunn
Cast: Connor Jessie, Aaron Abrams, Joanne Kelly, Alicia Schneider, Sofia Banzhaf, Jack Fulton, Mary Walsh and Isabella Rossellini.

Extras: Bringing Closet Monster to Life, The Visual Nature and The Origins of Closet Monster.

Small town boy Oscar Madly (Connor Jessup) contemplates his future. Haunted by visions of a tragic incident during his childhood, he dreams of a utopia away from parental torment.

When he falls for the new boy at work, the mysterious and elusive Wilder (Aliocha Schneider), Oscar’s world turns on its head. Forced to confront his inner demons and utmost desires, Oscar catapults into a charged world of fantasia and duress, guided only by the discerning voice of Buffy the talking hamster (Isabella Rossellini).

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