Beautiful Something


UK DVD Release: November 7 2016
Country of Origin: USA
Running Time: 93 mins approx.
Director: Joseph Graham
Cast: Brian Sheppard, Zack Ruan, Colman Domingo, John Lescaut, Carlo D’Amore, Grant Lancaster, Themo Melikidze, David Melisgaratos, Peter Patrikios and Matthew Rios.

Extras Features: Making of, Interview with Brian and Zack, ‘Can’t Say That You’re Lonely’ Music Video, Beautiful Something Commentary & UK Theatrical Trailer.

BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING follows four diverse men as they navigate life during one sublime night in Philadelphia.

Cute, twenty-two-year-old writer Brian (Brian Sheppard) continually crashes and burns with each guy he meets, but does not understand why. Jim (Zack Ryan), gorgeous and full-of-life, is not afraid to break hearts except when it comes to his forty-something lover who is a world-renowned sculptor. It seems Drew (Colman Domingo) is solely focused on his latest masterpiece and not Jim. Then there’s Bob (John Lescault), a successful talent agent from LA in his mid-sixties who leads a double life being a sugar daddy while traveling on business. As all four comb the Philadelphia streets looking for a connection, they often settle for something quick and easy. However, tonight is much different.

Inspired by real-life experiences, BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING explores the deeper meaning of how giving one's self to love, and its necessary vulnerabilities, helps us turn the corner from seeing the world as a child to seeing the world as an adult.

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